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Sensors include:

  • Community Alarm
    • A personal alarm that allows you to call for help when you need it.
  • Bed Occupancy
    • Monitors if you leave the bed but don't return after a period of time
  • Big Button Telephone
    • Large black buttons and white numbers for the visually impaired and a call indicator and volume control for hearing difficulties
  • Bogus Caller / Panic Button
    • Located by a doorway in when being used as a bogus caller button, or in other areas of the home when used as a panic button
  • CO2 Detector
    • A wireless carbon monoxide battery powered detector
  • Door Entry System
    • Used with a standard television and telephone to provide visual and audible identification of a caller
  • Door Usage Sensor
    • Creates an audible alarm to monitor door usage
  • Enuresis Sensor
    • Positioned under the top sheet to help detect incontinence
  • Epilepsy Sensor
    • Place underneath the mattress and monitors seizures
  • Fall Detector
    • Utilities a 2 stage detection process to identify a genuine fall
  • Flood Detector
    • Wireless sensor placed under the sink, near the bath or toilet to detect water
  • Gas Detector/Shut Off Valve Solution
    • If gas is detected the gas supply is immediately turned off either within the home or to an individual appliance
  • Heat Detector
    • Wireless heat detector provides additional protection against the risk of fire where smoke detectors are unsuitable
  • Keyless Door Access Trigger
    • Allows an authorised caller to access your home if help is needed
  • Medication Dispensers
    • Monitors when medication is taken and sends an alert if not taken properly
  • Minuet Watch
    • A personal alarm button combined with a high quality watch for user throughout the day
  • Pressure Mats
    • To monitor service user inactivity or intruder activity
  • Pillow Alert Smoke Detector
    • A vibrating pad positioned under the pillow wakes you in case of smoke, a strobe light gives additional warning when the user is out of bed
  • Property Exit Sensor
    • Provides real time alerts when someone has walked out of their door and not returned
  • Radio Pull Cord
    • Can be placed around the home for extra support when needed

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