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Live Well at Home's trained Home Alarm gloucester Advisors are available to help you find the type of Home Alarm equipment that's right for you.  From a simple, automated Welfare Check Call to an installed Lifeline Pendant Alarm we can help you feel safe and secure in your gloucester home for as little as £3 a week.

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Home Alarm Sensors

A range of other sensors can be linked to the Lifeline Alarm such as:

  • Bogus Caller / Panic Button
    • Located by a doorway in when being used as a bogus caller button, or in other areas of the home when used as a panic button
  • CO2 Detector
    • provides protection by alerting our Monitoring and Response Centre if there are dangerous levels of carbon monoxide within your home, allowing swift action to be taken.
  • Fall Detector
    • detects if you have had a serious fall and automatically sends an alarm call to our Monitoring and Response Centre so that assistance can be provided.
  • Flood Detector
    • a neat and unobtrusive sensor provides an early warning by alerting our Monitoring and Response Centre if there is a possible flood in your home. Place it by the bath, shower or sink for constant peace of mind.
  • Medication Dispensers
    • Monitors when medication is taken and sends an alert if not taken properly
  • Pressure Mats
    • To monitor service user inactivity or intruder activity
  • Smoke Detector
    • provides additional protection by raising an instant alarm call to our Monitoring and Response Centre if smoke is detected in your home. It is quick and easy to install with no wiring necessary.
  • Sounder Beacon
    • Provides a loud siren and visual indicator for people with hearing difficulties
  • Temperature Extremes Sensor
    • provides advance alerts to our Monitoring and Response Centre of extreme household temperatures - hot or cold - which could lead to unhealthy living conditions. It also provides advance warnings of fire hazards as, unlike smoke detectors, it can be situated in smoke rich environments such as kitchens.
  • Movement Detector 
    • This sensor can be used to detect movement in your home and can raise the alarm to our Monitoring and Response Centre where we can listen in to verify and record the presence of an intruder. This sensor can also be used to alert us if you are inactive for a prolonged period of time.
  • KeysafeTM
    • Once a Keysafe™ has been fitted and a key safely stored inside, the detail of its location and code can be held securely at our Monitoring and Response Centre. These details will only be given to an authorised person if an emergency occurs. They can then use the key to enter your property and provide you with immediate care and assistance. Keysafe™ not only reduces the time taken to enter your home in an emergency, but avoids having to use the Police to force entry which can be expensive 

One of our trained home alarm gloucester Assessors will visit you at home to advise on the type of service that could help make living at home that little bit easier. We also offer 6 monthly visits to ensure all your needs are being met as time progresses.

For more information on our home alarm Gloucester Services call: 0845 026 7944

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