Services include:


Personal care and support

Help with washing, bathing, dressing and undressing, continence care, eating and drinking.

Getting up and going to bed

Help with your morning or evening routine in comfort so you don't end up feeling worn out and frustrated.

Shopping and food preparation

Help with menu planning, drawing up shopping lists, shopping, putting it away, and cooking.

Sitting and Companion Support

If you're caring for someone and need to go to work, or just out shopping, we can arrange for a care worker to sit with the person you care for until you get home.

Respite care support

We'll come to your home whilst your carer takes a much needed holiday or short break so you can be confident you're being well looked after in your own home while they are away.

Social Care Support

If your full time carers need to go out to work, we can sit with you, take you shopping, to appointments or out to lunch, whatever you need to do.

Direct Payments

If you have been assessed by Social Services to receive direct payments to arrange your own care support, we can provide all the services you need.

Laundry and Light Cleaning

Laundry and light cleaning can be done in your own home, or we can arrange for collection and delivery.

Crisis Care at Home

When you have a health or care-related problem at home but don't need to go to hospital, we can provide rapid care support and ongoing assessment.


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